Optimistic Anthropology works with organizations and cross-sector collaborations to conduct fieldwork, shape "can-do" cultures, and use real-time learning to develop strategies that can create and sustain a positive future for all people.  We have drawn from our practices in qualitative research, emergent learning, as well as leadership development to create the Optimistic Anthropology approach, which includes:

1. Framing Questions - We help you get clear on what you want to and need to figure out in order to be successful.

2. Conducting Fieldwork - We work with you to understand what is known and unknown – by you, in your organization, by your customers and stakeholders, and in the field. We also help you to discover the hidden or forgotten stories and experiences that have shaped individuals, organizations, systems, and communities. 

3. Shaping "Can-Do" Cultures - We design and facilitate interactive experiences for you, your staff and collaborators, as well as communities to develop trust, learn together, and hone skills that will enable you to unleash possibilities and solve problems in new ways which will help you address this challenge and ones in the future. Learn more about the wide range of methodologies we trust and use to shape "can-do" cultures.

4. Hypothesizing Solutions - We work with you to come up with potential strategies, and help you identify which one(s) you should test out first given context, culture, and capacity.

5. Trying, Observing & Adapting - We support you in implementing strategies, gathering feedback on what’s working and what’s not, and figuring out how to adapt and adjust until you succeed. 

Check out some examples of our work with organizations and cross sector collaborations.