My Wish For You This Week - Number 11

Occasionally on Mondays, I like to share a photo or two from my camera roll and a wish for others (and myself) for the week ahead. Since I know that not everyone uses Instagram, I also post them on the Optimistic Anthropology blog because the wishes often focus on themes we’re committed to in our work here - growing our sense of possibility, the power of changing mindsets and reflection, and of course observing the world, it’s beauty, and it’s challenges.  You can also check out previous wishes here.

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My wish for you this week is that you share the gifts you have with intentionality, creativity, and generosity. I took this photograph on a beautiful Friday afternoon on the deck of the new Pavilions at the Glenstone Museum. I had the good fortune to snag a ticket to the recently re-opened Museum that mixes post-WWII art, architecture, and landscape together in a unique way. It’s a private museum built on the land of the Rales family, and showcasing their collection. It is not super easy to get to, but admission is free, although only 400 tickets are available each day. I’m sharing this photo because I think that there are many things about the way that the Rales’ created Glenstone that are aligned with this week’s wish for you. First, many wealthy art collectors do not make their collections publicly available at all, let alone build entire museums (surrounding their own home) which visitors can come to for free. Second, Glenstone is designed to encourage engagement with the art - through internal reflection and/or communally depending on your preferences. The limited number of visitors and no photography inside means that there is time and encouragement to really take in the art. And I really appreciated that there is minimal information on the walls about the works - encouraging each individual to create their own responses and not depend on an authoritative curatorial description. What I loved most were the guides (part docent, part security guard as you can walk right up to the works - and some really make you want to touch them). The guides have done research on all the works, yet they bring their own experiences and interests into what they know and share too. So they are all about the rooms ready to chat with and discuss your interpretations. I also appreciated that they ranged in age, gender, and racial/ethnic background, and had studied and worked in a range of fields - not just art and art history. #glenstone #glenstonemuseum #museum #artmuseum #architecture #deck #waterlilies #bench #pavilions #potomac #potomacmd #maryland #havelovewilltravel #mywishforyou #optimisticanthro #adjacentpossible

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