My Wish For You This Week - Number 9

Occasionally on Mondays, I like to share a photo or two from my camera roll and a wish for others (and myself) for the week ahead. Since I know that not everyone uses Instagram, I also post them on the Optimistic Anthropology blog because the wishes often focus on themes we’re committed to in our work here - growing our sense of possibility, the power of changing mindsets and reflection, and of course observing the world, it’s beauty, and it’s challenges.  You can also check out previous wishes here.

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My wish for you this week is that when the world or your life is making you feel anxious or untethered, that you can always turn to the places and people that feel like home. Because home, hopefully, grounds us and protects us, feels familiar and easy, provides a place to rest and be fed - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I also believe that home can be many places and people, and I’ve always been inspired by these lines from the singer-songwriter Steve Earle, “Home is where the heart is / that’s what rhey always say / then my heart lies in broken pieces / scattered along the way.” I was struck by the power of home, as I returned to the community where I grew up for my 20th high school reunion. I made a long weekend of the trip, staying with and spending time with my family, and going on an outing with my mom (as we often do) to see an art exhibit. The Art Institute of Chicago is somewhere that I have been visiting since I was a small child, and also where my aunt (who passed away earlier this year) was a docent for many years. It is the place where I first learned to love and appreciate art, and a place that I am always happy to return to because I learn, and find joy and connection, and also experience many memories. It had been years since I had seen Marc Chagall’s America windows at the @artinstitutechi, and so we decided to visit them (they were conserved a few years back). I was particularly moved with this, the middle section of the windows, which features an eagle, a sun, the Statue of Liberty, and a city skyline. Something about the colors and light and composition that is simultaneously inspiring and comforting. #mywishforyou #havelovewilltravel #optimisticanthro #adjacentpossible #home #marcchagall #chagall #americawindows #artinstituteofchicago #artinstitute #glass #astainedglass #glassart #art #chicago

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