October 2018 #GoodReads & #GoodListens

This month, I’m excited to share 13 #GoodReads & #GoodListens including a truly great 2-part podcast exploration of Compstat’s history, new research on narratives about poverty, awe, and what happens when boards focus on “diversity of perspective;” a long form story on the National Park Service’s “FBI,” beautiful photographs of architecture & more!

As is true every month, we aim to share some recommendations about building knowledge, process, strategy, and cultures for social change, others that are examples of anthropology in action, explorations of cultures and how they developed, and still others which we believe are fascinating notions from the adjacent possible, the potential and serendipity created when you notice and connect the unlikely.

Let us know what you think about them and share your own in the comments below or by tweeting us with your #GoodReads and/or #GoodListens. And check out previous #GoodReads & #GoodListens here.