My Wish For You This Week - Number 7

On Mondays, I like to share a photo or two from my camera roll and a weekly wish on Instagram.  Since I know that not everyone uses Instagram, going forward, I'll also be posting them on the blog too.  Here's the latest and you can check out previous wishes here.

My wish for you this week is to share all the vibrant colors and layered textures that make you who you are with the rest of the world. After visiting the Faroe Islands, @alicekathrynchen and I spent a couple of days together in Copenhagen where we visited Freetown Christiana, an intentional community of about 850-1000 residents which was founded by squatters who settled in a former military base back in the early 1970s. Today, the residents have set up a fund where they are purchasing the land through annual payments from the Danish Department of Defense. Christiana is independent of Copenhagen and self-governed. Its rules forbid stealing, violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests, hard drugs and bikers' colors. I’m quite interested in self-governed communities, and have been fortunate to visit and even stay in a few in my travels, though Christiana felt quite unique as it is quite centrally located, has become a significant tourist destination, and has a main drag called Pusher Street where weed and hash are sold openly from stands. Overall the place gave off an interesting mix of defiant, slightly chaotic energy which was a marked contrast to Copenhagen overall (especially as we had visited a royal palace earlier that day) and one of natural beauty, and creativity as particularly reflected in its tree-filled, waterside setting, walls filled with street art, and homes that have been built and improved by the community. I snapped this photo out front of an art gallery in Christiana. #freetownchristiania #christiana #christianashavn #copenhagen #intentionalcommunity #denmark #danmark #streetart #color #peacock #rainboots #mywishforyou #optimisticanthro #adjacentpossible #havelovewilltravel

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