Optimistic Anthropology Founder Adds New Role With The Partnering Initiative

I'm excited to share the news that in addition to my work here at Optimistic Anthropology, I've added a new role to my portfolio -- as an associate of the UK-based The Partnering Initiative.

The Partnering Initiative is an independent non-profit dedicated to unleashing the power of partnership for a prosperous and sustainable future. TPI was founded with a passionate belief that only through collaboration across business, government, NGOs, and the UN can we tackle the greatest development and business sustainability challenges.

I was drawn to this opportunity for a couple of reasons:

  1.  Alignment with TPI's Approach -- TPI's approach  is grounded in developing high-quality research  as well as supporting  individuals and teams to build their capacity and strategies to collaborate.
  2. The Opportunity to Learn from and Contribute to the Global Network -- As a professional who has spent most of my career working on developing cross-sector collaborations here in the United States, I think there is a tremendous opportunity to learn from and contribute to a global network of social problem-solvers;
  3. I'm a big fan of TPI's Tools and Resources on Cross-Sector Collaboration.  I consistently reference and recommend their simple and effective Fit for Partnering Framework, , and Partnering Agreement Scorecard.

I look forward to sharing learnings from my work with The Partnering Initiative here on the Optimistic Anthropology blog, and if you are interested in connecting to learn more about TPI's offerings and work, please drop me a line!