My Wish For You This Week - Number 8

Occasionally on Mondays, I like to share a photo or two from my camera roll and a wish for others (and myself) for the week ahead. Since I know that not everyone uses Instagram, I also post them on the Optimistic Anthropology blog because the wishes often focus on themes we’re committed to in our work here - growing our sense of possibility, the power of changing mindsets and reflection, and of course observing the world, it’s beauty, and it’s challenges.  You can also check out previous wishes here.

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My wish for you this week is that when you are finding that something frustrates or annoys you, you are able to change your mindset about it. On Saturday, I participated in one of @culturaltourismdc’s excellent walking tours as part of #walkingtowndc. This tour was of the amazing Rock Creek Cemetery, a beautiful 84 acre site filled with art, and the remains of some pretty incredible and diverse people. Over the years, one of the things I’ve come to appreciate about cemeteries is the beautiful architectural and artistic details on mausoleums, particularly stained glass windows. There are 94 mausoleums in Rock Creek Cemetery, and while not all of them have stained glass windows, many do. But to see them, often requires peeking through ornate metal doors, or not quite clean panes of glass. On Saturday, I was trying to take pictures of some of the more beautiful stained glass windows, but kept finding that the glass panes on the mausoleum doors were reflecting the cemetery back in the images. At first I was annoyed, but then I noticed that some of the images were quite beautiful, and occasionally even blended together the stained glass and cemetery landscape in pretty special and organic ways. Once I realized this, my annoyance faded and I was really excited about the images I had inadvertently created. It even spurred me to create a few more intentionally. So here are a few of the aforementioned faux double exposure photos. #mywishforyou #havelovewilltravel #optimisticanthro #adjacentpossible #doubleexposure #stainedglass #glassart #mausoleum #rockcreekcemetery #cemetery #dc #washingtondc #walkingtour #annoyance #frustration #mindset #pov #viewpoint

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