In addition to the work that Optimistic Anthropology does with organizations and collaborations, we believe that individuals are best able to shape a more positive world when what they do is aligned with who they are.  

We define a “life sabbatical” as a period of dedicated time when an individual can engage in an intentional practice of reflecting on key questions they have about their life and how they want to use the answers they discover to align who they are with what they do.

We do this work because we know, firsthand, that intentionally designed periods of reflection, exploration, and learning enable individuals to recognize and be energized by their gifts and values, and think differently about how they can use them to shape a more positive world. 

Since returning from her own life sabbatical, our founder, Alison Gold has been committed to learning from other life sabbaticalers, sharing her own learning, and supporting others who are interested in building a life sabbatical practice, including folks who are interested in integrating this process into their daily lives at home.  She does this through our Sabbatical Design Services, through workshops and events, as well as writing.

Life Sabbatical Design Services for individuals

Click on this image to download an overview and pricing for ourSabbatical Design Services.

Click on this image to download an overview and pricing for ourSabbatical Design Services.

Whether you have six days, six weeks, or six months to take time away from your “regular” routine, or you are committed to doing this work as part of your “regular” routine, our design services will help you to prepare for this period of reflection and learning with intention.

We offer two packages! Our DIY Life Sabbatical Package is for individuals looking for a bit of structure and recommended resources (media, workshops, coaches, retreats) to get started with designing their sabbatical.  And our Co-Designing Your Life Sabbatical Package offers more in-depth support and engagement to develop your plan for your sabbatical.

To learn more about either of the packages we offer including pricing, review our one-page overview and contact Alison Gold at to schedule a 30 minute introductory conversation.

Writing: The Life Sabbatical Blog Series

During and after returning from her “life sabbatical,” Alison found that people she had met and worked with during all stages of her life were reaching out wanting to understand how she had approached her experience and what she had learned. From these discussions, she started writing about the concept of a “life sabbatical,” interviewing other sabbaticalers about their stories, exploring how it could be possible for more people to access and benefit from a life sabbatical, and figuring out how one can build life sabbatical practices while at home. 

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