Some people say that knowledge is power. I disagree. I think knowledge sharing is power.

-Vint Cerf

At Optimistic Anthropology, we believe in the power of learning. At the core, our work is all about it - whether its our approach to working with clients to build their learning processes, our commitment to working on projects where we get to learn from our clients and colleagues, or our practice of learning about, drawing from, and remixing a range of methodologies.

We also believe that when it comes to creating a more positive and equitable world, there is so much work to do that it’s worthwhile to share what we’re learning. This way, others can benefit from what we’ve seen has promise as well as our missteps (learning happens at places of surprise) and build upon it. As a result, we consider connecting changemakers to great resources - whether those are introductions to other people they should know, job and fellowship opportunities, work developed by others, or what we are learning through our work at Optimistic Anthropology — as core to our work.

Here are a couple of ways that Optimistic Anthropology shares what we’re learning: