At Optimistic Anthropology, we believe that people and organizations working in all sectors have a role in creating a more positive world.

However, many individuals and organizations become focused on implementing solutions before they understand the culture and context which gave rise to today's reality in the first place. 

To unleash new possibilities and solve the world's toughest problems requires organizations and collaborations to learn about culture and context, as well as develop the necessary skills and mindsets to design and implement effective solutions.

Optimistic Anthropology LLC works with individuals, organizations, and cross-sector collaborations to build their knowledge, process, and culture to make a more positive future for all people.  We do this through:

  1. Fieldwork -- conducting qualitative research that helps you better understand the problem you are trying to solve, how it developed, and the context in which you are working.

  2. Adaptive Strategies -- developing your processes, strategies, and culture that will help you learn in real-time and enable you to navigate ambiguity and complexity.

  3. Leadership Development -- building your team's toolbox of methodologies, sense of possibility, and can-do spirit.

  4. Sabbatical Design Services -- using an Optimistic Anthropology-developed process, we collaborate with individuals to design intentional periods of reflection, exploration, and learning that will enable them recognize and be energized by their gifts and values, and think differently about how they can use them to shape a more positive world.

Optimistic Anthropology team members are at our best when we're working with people who are passionate about their mission, excited to learn (and teach us about something new), and share our belief that hard problems can be addressed through a mix of rigorous process, joy, curiosity, creativity, and humor.

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